Choosing Our Delegates to the Democratic National Convention

Choosing Our Delegates to the Democratic National Convention: Important Information and Dates

As of mid-May, in response to the pandemic, the Democratic Party of New Mexico adapted its rules to allow for the possibility of remote participation by delegates from the states. The national convention, originally planned for July, has been moved back to August 17, and the Party has been discussing alternative formats to the traditional crowded gathering.

Here in New Mexico, the process of electing delegates to represent us at the convention has also changed. New Mexico will not hold post-primary Ward Meetings to Elect Delegates, nor Post-Primary County Conventions. The delegate election process will begin with Congressional District (CD) Elections on June 13 and culminate with the State Elections on June 20. All delegate elections at the congressional district and statewide levels will be virtual.

    • June 13 – CD1, CD2, and CD3 delegate election
    • June 19 – Party Leader and Elected Official (PLEO) delegate selection
    • June 20 – Statewide At Large delegate election

Those wanting to be delegates must have already met the deadline (May 15) for submitting their statement of candidacy and pledge of support.

People wishing to have a voice in choosing delegates (i.e., serve as Electors) must have (by May 6) been registered Democrats residing in the Congressional District where they want to vote. To be certified as an Elector, they need to fill out and submit a DPNM Post-Primary Elector/Registration Form no later than June 11. Click HERE for convenient access: DPNM Post-primary Elector Registration Form

Electors who are certified for and cast a ballot in the congressional district elections will also be certified and are expected to vote in the state election. Only people who cast ballots at the congressional district elections will be qualified to vote in the state election.